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The Federal Procurement Center – under the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) – has a critical mission to support the 9.7 Million Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) throughout the Nation in gaining access to and succeeding in performing Government contracts.

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History-Making Moments at the MBDA Training Conference: Transforming Government into What Works for MBEs, HBCUs, and Small Emerging Businesses


The MBDA (Minority Business Development Agency - U.S. Department of Commerce) National Training Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana, entitled REFRESH. RESET. REFOCUS - was a groundbreaking event that set the stage for transforming government support for minority-owned businesses around the nation. As the Operator of the MBDA Federal Procurement Center, I had the privilege of attending the conference and witnessing history in the making. This article will highlight key moments from the event, focusing on the "NEW MBDA" initiative, the power of unity, shared outcomes, and the agency's refocused commitment to empowering MBEs, HBCUs, small emerging businesses, and institutions.

The NEW MBDA: Reinventing Support for Minority-Owned Businesses

The "NEW MBDA" initiative symbolizes the agency's reinvention and refreshed focus on innovation and collaboration. The NEW MBDA aims to streamline resources, enhance accessibility, and foster strategic partnerships. This transformation will bridge the gap between minority-owned businesses and economic opportunities to ensure a more supportive and inclusive environment for MBE growth and success.

The Power of Unity and Shared Outcomes: Collaborating for Success

Unity and collaboration were central themes throughout the conference, emphasizing the power of working together to achieve shared outcomes. The MBDA demonstrated its commitment to fostering partnerships with federal agencies, corporations, MBEs, HBCUs, small emerging businesses, and institutions. Panel discussions and workshops showcased successful collaborations and highlighted tangible outcomes, such as increased access to capital, expanded market opportunities, and improved technical assistance programs for MBEs. These achievements exemplify the transformative impact that can be achieved through collective efforts.

Empowering MBEs, HBCUs, Small Emerging Businesses, and Institutions: Transforming Government Policies

The conference underscored the agency's mission to transform government policies to better serve the needs of MBEs, HBCUs, small emerging businesses, and institutions. The MBDA is dedicated to eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, streamlining certification processes, and advocating for equitable access to contracts, and procurement opportunities. By leveling the playing field, the agency is fostering economic inclusivity and empowering minority-owned businesses to compete and thrive.

Recognizing the pivotal role of HBCUs in nurturing future generations of entrepreneurs and professionals, the MBDA reaffirmed its commitment to supporting these institutions. Targeted programs, funding opportunities, and partnerships were discussed as means to empower HBCUs to serve as innovation hubs and launchpads for minority entrepreneurs. By investing in HBCUs, the agency aims to drive economic development and create pathways for success within marginalized businesses and communities.

The conference also shed light on the unique challenges faced by small emerging businesses, including limited access to capital, technical assistance, and mentorship. MBDA, and its MBDA Centers around the country is committed to developing tailored support programs that address small businesses specific needs, in both urban and rural communities, to ensure that small emerging businesses receive the necessary resources and guidance to thrive. By focusing on growth and sustainability strategies, the agency aims to create a more equitable and inclusive business landscape.


The MBDA National Training Conference was a historic event that showcased the agency's commitment to transforming government support for minority-owned businesses. The power of unity and shared outcomes was evident throughout the conference, with successful collaborations demonstrating the impact that collective efforts can have on driving meaningful change. By transforming government policies, the MBDA is leveling the playing field for MBEs, empowering HBCUs as innovation hubs, and providing tailored support for small emerging businesses.

As MBDA Operators look to the future, the conference served as a turning point in the agency's history. The "NEW MBDA" initiative sets the stage for a more innovative, collaborative, shared outcomes to guide MBDA Center's efforts to foster strategic partnerships and work towards common goals.

Empowering MBEs, HBCUs, small emerging businesses, and institutions is at the core of the MBDA's mission. Through the transformation of government policies, the MBDA is removing barriers and creating opportunities for growth and success. Both MBDA Operators and Agency leadership understand the unique challenges ahead, but by the end of the training session, all understood the imperative to unify and address historic and future challenges head-on.

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