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The Federal Procurement Center – under the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) – has a critical mission to support the 9.7 Million Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) throughout the Nation in gaining access to and succeeding in performing Government contracts.

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MBDA FPC Partners with Qme Spotlight

Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Federal Procurement Center Announces New Bold Plans to Advance Solutions for MBEs to Capitalize on High Priority Policies of the U.S. Federal Government

Dallas, Texas – ( www.MBNUSA.biz ) – November 10, 2022 – KDM & Associates, Operator of the nation's only MBDA Federal Procurement Center - www.mbdafpcenter.com , announces their strategic business model and direction to automate all of their systems and significantly upgrade the MBDA FPC’s Engagement, Education, and Outreach process. The economic development model includes a focus around building BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) communities around the country that align with the MBDA Enterprise-Wide mission. The team approach to the “What Works” model will be built on a 360-degree innovative QmeLocal Digital Ecosystem Infrastructure that fits seamlessly to enhance and drive MBDA FPC’s organizational mission while fully activating their resource partners.

The six core objectives of the Digital Ecosystem are: 1) To manage MBE’s Gov contracting success with sustainable digital automation, 2) To create and collaborate for MBE exponential contract performance, 3) To communicate and deploy focused relevant MBE contracting content, 4) To develop and drive an integrated Gov contracting social environment, 5) To connect Gov contracting resources digitally for rapid scalability, 6) To unlock and leverage data analytics to ensure Gov contracting success and tracking.

About KDM & Associates ( https://kdm-assoc.com/ ) KDM & Associates, LLC is a business development, government affairs, and public relations firm that offers a unique collaboration with a team of experts who are experienced in government contracting, acquisition management, and contract compliance. Our KDM associates understand public policy and have years of proven success in building strategic teaming alliances to give our clients a competitive advantage to winning government contracts, and grant awards.

About Qme ( https://qmespotlight.com ) Qme Spotlight Ecosystem are Digital Solutions and Innovations Consultants. They specialize in building amazing Community Digital Ecosystems that help achieve a mission and drive transformation. They provide managed technology services as a certified NMSDC minority business enterprise (MBE). They own the proprietary QmeLocal Digital Ecosystem Infrastructure. Qme is a resource partner with the MBDA FPC.

Contact: Keith Moore | CEO Email: [email protected]> Website: www.mbdafpcenter.com

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