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The Federal Procurement Center – under the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) – has a critical mission to support the 9.7 Million Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) throughout the Nation in gaining access to and succeeding in performing Government contracts.

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What Works January Newsletter

This month's What Works News U Can Use comes soon after the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s National holiday – reflecting as we did on Dr. King's legacy, reminded of the principles of freedom and justice which rolled down like living water during the 60’s, and the community members who sacrificed, marched, and the many who died so that all of America could see the mountain top of What Works for freedom and justice for all.

And so, sixty years later, this first edition of 2024 appropriately dives into, drills down on, and opens up the pages of what Energy Transition means, how Justice 40 aligns with policy, practice, people, and where the future of community benefits will evidence the promise for an environmentally cleaner planet.  As a result of carbon capture, electric and autonomous transportation, innovation in Agriculture, and Justice transition in Energy, America by 2050 or sooner should reverse trends that have to date, worked to divide, pollute, and decimate far too many communities around the nation, and the around the globe.

In 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 14008.  While the Executive Order focuses on climate change, the Justice 40 initiative stands out as a goal that is designed to ensure that 40 percent of the benefits for Federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities.  The plan to ensure community benefits is now driving environmental equity, justice, and contract appropriations.  This is good news for small, emerging, and Minority owned businesses to use in their plans for growth and expansion.  And so, as a result of these policies, the MBDA Federal Procurement Center launched an educational outreach campaign to ensure that our MBDA FPC clients begin to understand the business contract opportunities associated with Energy Transition, and also to learn how to utilize one of the more complex Energy Transition tools, called carbon capture tax credits.

This edition promises to engage, enlighten, and empower a more confident understanding about an Administration prioritized policy, and its intention to benefit community and businesses located in historically underutilized rural and urban centers.  In producing this campaign, we have committed to offer education and instruction from entrepreneurs who are actually working in the carbon capture tax credit market, better known to the industry as CCS.  CCS stands for ‘Carbon Capture and Storage – which is fast becoming one of the major solutions enabling the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.  We congratulate CADA Energy (translated as “everything energy” in Spanish), spotlighted in this Newsletter, for the firm's bold step into unchartered territory for most small, emerging, and Minority owned businesses.

CADA Energy inspires through practice, and achieves through perseverance, industry knowledge and expertise.  And we at the MBDA FPC commit to further intensifying our supportive capacity-building webinars so that more MBEs and small businesses can become CCS educated, empowered, and enriched.  These video recoded webinars provide a clear understanding of the supply chain of services businesses can play in this trillion dollar plus market demand.  Enjoy the energy we have put into ensuring that you become What Works to engage in the carbon capture Energy Transition.

Keith Moore, Operator, MBDA Federal Procurement Center


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