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The Federal Procurement Center – under the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) – has a critical mission to support the 9.7 Million Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) throughout the Nation in gaining access to and succeeding in performing Government contracts.

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What Works News U Can Use Newsletter - December 2023

It is my pleasure to share with each of you, our end of the year What Works News U Can Use Letter.  I am happy to know that each and every one of you as viewers, subscribers, MBDA clients, fans, colleagues, IAEOZ Summit 2023 supporters, and strategic partners were a part of this mission to advance What Works in America and around the world in 2023.  THANK YOU!

To the OSDBU team, and the work performed in 2023 under the guidance of Executive Order 13985, is history making .  I hope you all look forward in 2024 to ensuring that our work reshapes our rural and urban centers, inspires a thirst to increase the job creation plans of our MBE's, and propels innovation at every level of the marketplace.

The December edition of our newsletter portrays the chronology of our travel to various states around the country to engage, educate, and empower our small emerging, and minority owned businesses.   Today's advocacy work now includes the technology of AI, the importance of climate resiliency, IT modernization, and the power and application of quantum computing.  Policies like Justice 40, and funding opportunities from the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Bill have catapulted EV stations to help drive a new economy for so many newer entry contractors.  Disaster recovery needs, and affordable housing with energy efficiency at the forefront continue to drive the scaling demand for a diverse workforce.

While there are still working days remaining in 2023, and MBDA Centers around the nation are concentrating on generating their annual commitments to generate $50 million dollars per year in awards to their MBE clients – in our Center’s case, over 300 MBEs in 12 different industry sectors around the country – I thank each of you for you in our global audience, and your commitment to make this work easier, more rewarding, and impactful for the next generation of professionals who follow behind us, and for small, emerging, MBE goal-setting in 2024.

May the holidays ensure much deserved rest and relaxation, and family reunions.

Peace and Goodwill. 

Keith Moore, Operator, MBDA Federal Procurement Center


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